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2 Many films are produced in Hollywood.
3 The Olympic Games aren’t held every year.
4 Chocolate is made from cocoa beans.
5 Thousand of Beatles CDs are sold every year.
6 How many cans of coke are bought every day?
7 How often is the world cup held?

2 We aren’t allowed to eat in class.

3 My parents won’t let me play football in the garden.

4 You are allowed to take photographs here.

5 My brother let me use his camera.

6 In Britain, when you’re 17 you are allowed to drive.

2 My dad has been ill in bed for four days.

3 My cousins have been living in their house for 20 years.

4 I haven’t seen Jane since 10 o’clock.

5 I really like this CD, but I haven’t listened to it for a long time.

6 My sister’s boyfriend has phoned her eight times since friday.

7 We haven’t eaten anything for breakfast.

2. The opposite of old. – young

3. A six or seven year old. – child

4. Someone who is about 50 is middle-aged.

5. A more polite word for old. – elderly

6. This person is over 65 years old and doesn’t work anymore. – pensioner

7. If you’re 14, you’re a teenager.

2 She’s delightful. She always make me smile.

3 I think it’s great to be with friends and have a food laugh.

4 Have you made any new plans since we last met?

5 You cannot always have a good time. Life isn’t always easy

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