English home tasks

English home tasks

7/b. Write the statements and questions. Use the present perfect simple and yet or already.

1 A: Have you seen the new James Bond film yet? (you/see/the new bond film)

B: Yes, and I bought the DVD too. (I/buy/ the DVD too)

2 A: Your brother goes to university? (your brother/go/to university)

B: Yes, and I moved into his old bedroom. (I/moved/into his old bedroom)

3 A: I love their music but I did not buy their new CD. (I/not buy/their new CD)

B: Well, don’t buy it! I listened to it and it’s awful. (I/listen to it)

4 A: Paul? do you do your homework? (you/do/your/homework)

B: Nearly. I finished the Maths, but I didn’t start the Geography yet. (I/finish/the Maths, but i/not start/the Geography)

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