1. It’s smaller than the USA, isn’t it?
  2. It isn’t Vancouver, is it?
  3. Cities in the USA are much bigger than that, aren’t they?
  4. You’ve been there, haven’t you?
  5. Wow. You don’t know much about Canada at all, do you?


  1. She doesn’t like me, does she?
  2. She can come with us, can’t she?
  3. They aren’t from Canada, are they?
  4. They’re from the USA, arent they?
  5. Your favorite food is pasta, isn’t it?
  6. She won’t be at the party, will she?
  7. You don’t know my sister, do you?
  8. You’ve been to Italy, haven’t you?
  9. You’ve got a brother, have you?


  1. They don’t live here, do they?
  2. She likes chocolate, doesn’t she?
  3. You cant come to the party, cant you?
  4. They went to New York, haven’t they?
  5. She goes to your school, doesn’t she?
  6. You’ve see that film, haven’t you?
  7. She hasn’t done that, hasn’t she?

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